About KIST Bank


Kist Bank Ltd. was initially incorporated in 2003 as a ‘C’ class financial institution, the Kist and has been upgraded to ‘A’ class commercial bank on May 7th, 2009.

The professional team along with dedicated employees is always looking forward to serve the customers, understanding the needs and designing the tailored products. The bank operates in a highly automated environment in terms of information technology and communication systems, which enables to offer prompt services. The bank has put in substantial effort and investment in acquiring the best technology available to build its infrastructure to make fast access for its valued customers. The company is driven by the values of efficiency in operations, integrity, and a strong focus on catering the needs of every customer by offering high quality and cost effective product and services.

 The Bank has been providing its service to its customers through its own office building at Anamnagar in the capital, as well as in other different parts of country. We are available with 51 branches spread throughout the country with the eagerness to serve the customers.

 Kist bank stands for the customers’ convenience, support and providing Power to Succeed.

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